Emptybottles. / In Complete Sentences

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香港にて活動中の3人組emo/math-rock band。日本のfallsやOffseason、MORETHANが参加したことでも知られるアジアエモコンピレーションテープ「emotion,no」の主催者でもある"Emptybottles."の5曲入りepがこちら。ツインギターにドラムという編成で、Ghosts And VodkaやOwlsライクな繊細かつ美しさが特徴の"エモい"ギターサウンドと、ベースレスということを忘れるダイナミックでラウドな展開も特筆すべきポイント。透明雑誌のボーカル洪申豪とも親交があるようなので、既に知っている人も多いかも?要チェックですよ。2017年新作。

Song List
1. Professional Struggler 02:11
2.Hidden Track 02:53
3.Incomplete Sentences 03:16
4.Sparrow 03:35
5.Ash Wednesday 02:21

“In Complete Sentences” is the second EP by Emptybottles., recorded during mid to late 2016.

It features 5 songs of different forms - “Sparrow” follows a traditional verse-chorus structure, before breaking into an instrumental second half; “Incomplete Sentences” features a trumpet part and a free tempo like ending; “Ash Wednesday” is perhaps the most ambiguous composition so far.

Like the first EP, it was recorded during a time of struggle but we are glad our trusted friends helped us finish the record.

Wilmer Chan tracked the audio and Jay Tse mixed, mastered the record, and Dorothy Ko provided the album art.
released August 19, 2017

Recorded in 2016 by Chapman So and Wilmer Chan.
Produced by Wilmer Chan and Emptybottles.
Mixed and mastered by Jay Tse.
Album art by Dorothy Ko.
Released by Sweaty & Cramped in 2017.
Co-released by Sango Records.
We thank the help of Keith Cheung (trumpet on track 4) & Jabin Law (spoken words on track 5).
All songs written, arranged and performed by Emptybottles.
Emptybottles. is Thomas, Cha Bao and Lok.
May the noise be with you.